Every year, we get really into the 4th of July mani. You might remember THIS ONE from last year. Let’s do it again! Here’s another idea for creating a super cute mani for a “Festive Fourth”!

  1. Paint 4 nails red and one nail blue. You can choose any nail to be the blue nail. We used THIS and THIS.
  2. We used the Sally Hansen nail strips that come in the Hard as Nails French Manicure kit to make stripes across the nail. That way you don’t have to rely on a steady hand for accurate stripes. It’s so much faster! You could also make yourself some white stripe NAIL STICKERS!
  3. Clip off the excess using cuticle nippers.
  4. We applied the ones to the thumb long ways to change it up. That way when you bring all your fingers in to the palm of your hand, the thumb stripes go the same way as the other stripes! You can see a photo example on the bottom right!
  5. Make a small puddle with white nail polish and get out your DOTTING TOOL.
  6. Create polka dots instead of stars!

TAH-DAH! Instant Independance Day Nails. Good luck! Show us yours on TWITTER!