photos, graphic design, post by Kristin Ess

photos, graphic design, post by Kristin Ess

Every girl should be armed with the knowledge of how to do a quick vintage inspired Veronica Lake-esque wave in under 30 minutes. It’s one of the best ways to up the fancy factor on clean dry hair before heading out for a big night. The whole point of this tutorial is to do the exact same wave, one right next to the other and develop a pattern. So read the instructions, but more importantly follow the photos.┬áHere we go!

  1. Find a good deep side part. Veronica Lake always had a nice heavy side part which is what made this look so sexy. This wave is not quite as powerful when done with a middle part. Once you find your side part, clip the top half of the heavier side up as seen in photo #1.
  2. Start with curling the section right above your ear. Use either a 1″ wand or a 1″ barrel curling iron. 1″ may seem small to you but it’s the best way to get this look in my opinion. Curling iron-wise I prefer to use this one. With this hair style, it’s important to let the hair get as hot as you can without burning it. You be the judge, as everyone’s hair is different. Tip: sometimes instead of leaving it on longer, I unravel it and do it again– “twice baked”!
  3. For steps 3, 4 and 5, you want to do the EXACT same thing right one right next to the other. Wrap curl the hair forward toward your face. You want to make sure you’re seeing a perfect curl pattern. If not, curl that piece again!
  4. Do the next piece.
  5. And the next one just the same.
  6. Now switch sides and repeat. Do one curl after the other in the exact same pattern. You’ll start to notice a sort of Shirley Temple curl happening. That’s good. Your hair should look like noodles and this is the ONLY time I will say that’s okay.
  7. Once the curls are in place, spray with a firm holding hairspray. I like to spray after so the hairspray sits on top of the hair instead of cooking it into the hair which can make it heavier. My favorite for this style is the WarrenTricomi Superhold hairspray because it has an insanely firm hold when you put it on which allows it to set better, but then after you brush it it’s completely soft again. Allow that to set for 5 minutes in a cool, dry room.
  8. After everything cools, take the fine side of your comb and start combing through the curls. As you comb around the entire head, the curl pattern will start to join together.
  9. Keep combing and combing and combing. (Apply a little more hairspray or re-curl a curl if/when necessary.)
  10. If you’ve curled all your sections the exact same way right next to each other, you’ll start to see a perfect pattern form as you’re combing.
  11. Take your 1″ barrel curling iron (not a wand) and curl any straight stray ends under.
  12. Give it one last veil of hairspray and you’re set!