photos + post by Kristin Ess

By now you know we love pink hair. We do it often around here. But… most people can’t get away with having pink hair at work or school. Well, there’s a new favorite in town. This Davines Alchemic “Red” color conditioner turns medium to light hair into a temporary pale pink dream! It’s actually made to keep red hair fresh and vibrant, but it doesn’t actually come out red (which is great!). Unfortunately it doesn’t work on darker hair, but it DOES work if you’ve had your tips lightened, as many of you brunette beauties have. Honestly, this is the easiest thing– all you do is shampoo your hair as you normally would, ring it out and apply as much or as little conditioner as you like. I put it all over because, well… why not!? Left it on for about 5 minutes, rinsed it out and then blow dried as usual. You can do just the ends or a section underneath– whatever you want! Best part is there’s┬ánothing harsh about it and you won’t have to remove it with corrective color. It conditions your hair and washes out in a few shampoos. I’m so obsessed with the super light peachy-pink tone that it leaves behind. Please enjoy the “Unicorn Braid” above. It’s really just a rope braid, but on pale pink hair it just looks much more magical! The conditioner retails for around $20-30, depending on where you buy it. We used about a 1/5 of the conditioner for the whole head. One jar could last a really long time if your just putting it on light ends!

Special thanks to my pink-haired friend Britt Bardo for introducing me to this!