instagram photos: rachey morton, @missgoob, @natattack_, myawesomebeauty.com   post designed by Kristin Ess

We are so lucky to have inspiration at our fingertips (no pun intended). All we have to do is search a couple keywords on a social media platform like instagram or pinterest and endless ideas will start to flow. Whenever I feel a “nail art block” coming on, I go to my instagram account and type in the hashtag #nailart. Up pops this dream world of pretty polish. All of the manicures you see above are from an instagram search. It’s clearly an incredible resource and it’s fun to get inspired by someone else’s nail art and then add your own flavor! If you don’t have an iPhone or a Droid to search instagram, sit down with a friend who does. Try different hashtags like #nailart #mani #manicure #nails #nailartaddicts. SO many fun photos, so much inspiration. These are our current favorites (unfortunately only 2 had proper credits). Tag us on instagram (@TheBeautyDept) if you want us to see your nail art and include it in our next set of favorites.