photos + post by amy nadine

Our Kitchen Beautician Series is back with a fun + easy way to make your own shade of lipstick! If you have lipsticks that you’ve grown tired of or bought online but wish were a little softer/brighter when they arrived… or others that are a little too matte that you know would pop more with a bit of shimmer or a metallic finish, here’s how to take matters into your own hands! But please remember to always be careful when using your stovetop and you MUST have parental supervision if you are under 18!

TOOLS: the original lipstick (I used MAKE UP FOREVER Rouge Artist Intense in 40 above) + your choice of a metallic shade (Dolce & Gabbana Shine Lipstick in Gold is brilliant for mixing) or a light shimmer nude (I used Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color in Nude Vanilla above), a spatula (I used Cinema Secrets Spatula above) or kitchen knife, a spoon, a flame (stove top works best!), a mini plastic jar + optional lip brush (both can be purchased at your local beauty supply store).

  1. With the spatula, slice off a section of each lip color and place directly on the spoon. You can get creative with the ratios of each color and even go back and add more of one until you have your perfect shade.
  2. CAREFULLY place the spoon directly above (four inches is best) the flame (medium heat) until the product starts to melt. Be prepared for it to start melting within 10 seconds!
  3. With your spatula, start to swirl the colors together for an even mixture.
  4. Pour the new lip color into your plastic jar and allow 5 minutes to harden.

Voila! Use a lip brush or your finger to apply your one-of-a-kind shade and have fun playing with the ratios and finishes! This technique is how I made a lovely peach for Lauren Conrad’s runway show in 2009 that we sent to Mark Cosmetics and they duplicated the shade for a limited edition gloss. (Sorry it sold out but I can’t wait to see your creations!)