post by Jaclyn Johnson, design by Kristin Ess

Today we’re talking tips + tricks. Jaclyn Johnson from SomeNotesOnNapkins.com is here to teach us a few things that are good for the sole…

There’s nothing better than breaking open that shoe box to find a fresh pair of heels ready and waiting for you to slip on. However, there is nothing worse than having to break in a pair of heels. Luckily, I am a Jedi Master at the art of breaking in shoes. Here are a few quick tips on how to cut down the time (and pain) of breaking in those new sky high heels!

Tip #1: Do it gradually: Bring them to the office. Slip them on while you are sitting at your desk for an hour or so each day. If they are really tight try walking around in them while wearing slightly damp socks. I know this sounds strange, but this will soften them and stretch them out.

Tip #2 Rough them up: Use a small piece of sandpaper (medium coarse) to scuff up the bottom of the shoe, this will help prevent slipperiness on certain surfaces.

Tip #3 Get rid of the pinch: If the shoes are pinching in certain areas simply place some moleskin on the areas of the feet. Then, soak your feet (with the moleskin still on) and the moleskin will expand. Put the shoes back on and wear them around for the day, this will stretch out the areas that are pinching!

Tip #4 You’re a real spud: This one is a tip from an editor friend of mine! Peel a larger potato and push it into the shoe  (make sure it’s big enough to create a bulge). Leave the potato in over night and voila, your shoe should be stretched in the morning!

Tip #5 Bend + Stretch: Loosen those shoes up. Bend them upwards and downwards ( if the shoe permits) a few times. Then, use a hair dryer to blast them with heat for 2-3 minutes then repeat!

Photo credits: wendyslookbook.com, citified, designsponge.com, shine