photos: angelaandithyle.com post designed by Kristin Ess

The curling wand has become quite the popular tool! We showed you how to make your own from a curling iron HERE and we got a LOT of positive feed back from you guys! Here are a couple helpful things you should keep in mind when using your curling wand…

  • DO leave a little space in between the hair each time you wrap it around the barrell. That gives you a more relaxed wave. If your hair is really long, you’ll have no choice but to let it be a little closer together so that it all fits on the iron, but try tugging on it for 10 seconds after you unwrap it. That will also relax the curl a little, making it look more natural.
  • DON’T coil it too tight. The hair will get too “pattern-y” and can look more like a perm than natural waves.
  • DO flat iron your ends on medium heat to smooth out the ends. When you curl your hair with a wand, you usually don’t hit the ends with heat. To get even heat-treated shine throughout, I recommend just going over them lightly with your flat iron.

Which do you use more? The curling iron or the curling wand?