photos + post designed by Kristin Ess

There’s nothing more decadent than the Art Deco era so it was really exciting to translate that concept using black + gold on our nails. Scalloped edges are a major factor in deco designs and create a very feminine feel. This is actually really simple to do but you’ll want to prep your nails with a neutral base color first.

Tools: round-tipped brush (we got this one from our local art store), black + gold polishes, clear top coat

1. Make small puddles of the black + gold polishes onto an artist’s palette or a surface that you can dispose after (a business card works great!).

2. Determine how many scallops cover your nail area, depending on the width of your brush. Here we started with the gold shade. If you’re going to use other colors, start with the lighter shade. Since the tip is rounded, plact the bristles where you want the column to be and drag the brush to the end of your nail. Repeat to create the other columns.

3. Repeat with the black polish.

Don’t forget your top coat!