photos: Nookie A/W ’12 Lookbook post designed by Kristin Ess

HAPPY WEDNESDAY, hair hustlers! Since pretty much nobody enjoys thinking about blowing out their hair on a random wednesday night, it feels like a great time to talk about NOT blowing out your hair. I ran across this gorgeous lookbook from Nookie while browsing the www, so I had to share it with you guys! I couldn’t help but notice that this model’s hair was repping days 2, 3 and 4 of a blow out in the most amazing ways. This post will be a great visual for someone who’s learning to extend the life of their blowdry. Here are some step-by-step suggestions to go with the images above…

  • Day 1, (not pictured) is always smooth + easy. No issues there. Congratulations!
  • Day 2, though it’s still “kinda” clean, it can be a little suspect. In the top left photo, you see a discheveled look that often comes from sleeping on a good blowdry. Here’s the thing– depending on what you wear, you can make that texture work for you! You laugh, but try it! Wear an outfit that has a bohemian feel and let that hair be! If it doesn’t look amazing as is, do a deep side part and pin one side back and add a little serum or styling cream. I do this to clients on set all the time when they show up to a photoshoot with “slept-on” hair. Throw a cute clip/accessory in the side to dress it up if you want. It works!
  • Day 3, ahhh… the perfect day for a half-up do. Not overly tangly yet, just lots of texture. Shoot some dry shampoo on your roots and tease the top just a little. Spray with a little light-holding hairspray. Twist the sides back + pin them or use a clear ponytail holder to join them together in the back of your head. Pull some pieces with your fingers to loosen it up and give it a more natural/effortless feel. (If you have super fine hair or get oily scalp quickly and dry shampoo doesn’t do the trick for you, skip this one and go straight to this next one!)
  • Day 4, up we go! If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re able to make it to day 4 without looking like a grease ball. What a gift. Since day 4 can be pretty “textured” (um, by textured I mean tangled) go for the always amazing FUN BUN! Don’t forget to shoot the roots with dry shampoo once more before putting it up!

Going longer than 4 days isn’t recommended. Some people can do it, but having that much dirt, pollution, product, etc… collecting on your scalp for over 4 days isn’t great. That causes other kinds of problems. Eventually the oil (sebum) from inside your scalp creeps out, mixes with sweat and lipids and causes something called “acid mantle”.  But that’s a whole other post. Good luck!! Let us know how it goes.