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Hey friends!! It’s Friday, which means we’re talking fashion. Today’s topic is the backless dress. Every time I’ve ┬ástyled someone for a red carpet and they’re wearing something backless, the most important thing is to see the dress on them. Once it’s on the body, you almost know instantly whether the hair should be up or down. It all depends on how low the cut is in back. There are two different worlds when it comes to the backless dress. There’s the backless dress and then there’s the PLUNGING backless dress. When considering hair options, you should keep that in mind. Hair down on a regualr backless or “cut out” dress kind of defeats the purpose unless it’s pulled completely off to the side. With a plunging backless dress, however, you’re free to let your hair down because the focus is much lower and you’re not covering up the main feature which is the lower back.

That being said, above are some examples of hair styles that look best with each type of backless dress.

Dresses on top: Black plunging packless dress from FASHION JUNKIE ($34). Dress on bottom: Black jersey backless dress with leather trim by ELIZABETH + JAMES ($279).