photos: david oldham, terry richardson/post design: eunice chun

We know the power of eyeliner. But for those of us with smaller eyes, consider switching from liner to shadow on your bottom lash line (aka your under lid). Why? It will draw attention to your eyes without closing them up.  Even if you don’t have smaller eyes, opt for shadow instead of liner every now for a soft + feminine look. Here’s how:

Using a smudge brush, sweep the shadow along your under lid, directly on top of and below your bottom lashes.

ACCENT: Draw a thin line in a lighter shade. White, gold, silver, light blue, lavendar and jade green are some of our favorites.

EXTREME: Make the line thicker and in a darker shade. Stay away from a thick black line if you’ve also lined the top black as this will make your eyes smaller. Try electric blue, purple, green, grey, copper…

For more intensity and lasting power in either look, dampen your brush with water before dipping in the shadow.

To also make your eyes look further apart, use two shades, a lighter one from the inner corner to the center and a darker shade from the center to the outer corner. This is the only instance where you can use black shadow as the darker shade.