photo: www.adele.tv post designed by kristin ess

If Adele doesn’t make you want to get your teasing brushes out then I don’t know who does. She’s become such an inspiration in the beauty industry and we think she’s doing a great job at keeping her looks fresh + new. Lately her hair has reached perfectly epic heights. So let’s discuss a few things that are vital for volume.

1. Teasing/smoothing brushes we’ve all seen versions of a teasing brush, but the reason I love the ones by R Session Tools is because they’re made in different sizes. You know when you finish teasing and you have that one little dip? This is the perfect size to go in and perfect without having to brush out and start over again! Another plus is that when you’re finished with an updo and it looks too “done”, if you brush ever so slightly in the opposite direction (toward your face), you’ll loosen up the look and get those romantic whispy pieces. These ones tend to sell out sell fast. If you can’t get your hands on them, THESE are also great!

2. Ocean Spritz you can use whatever beach spray you like. I prefer this one because after washing the hair never feels dry, and that happens a lot with salty beach sprays– they can suck the moisture right out of the hair. The main reason for using this in conjunction with a teasing brush is to build up resistance. Sometimes when you put mousse or styling spray at the root, it dissipates because that’s what it’s supposed to do. Then you go to tease it and it slides right through. With a little bit of beach spray, you build up a texture on top of each hair that doesn’t soak in and go away. I do it when the hair is about 50% dry. I spray 2-5 pumps into my hands and then rub it in to my roots. This helps your brush or comb get a better grip on the hair it’s supposed to tease.

3. The Rat Roll Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and how long you keep your arms over your head, you’re just never going to get the as much volume as you want in your hair. Enter the rat roll. This thing looks freaky but if you get it in the color closest to your hair color, hiding it is no big deal. It’s also amazing for vintage styles.

4. Teasing comb these are visibly different from the teasing/smoothing brushes, but the main difference is that this comb is pretty INTENSE. In my opinion, this is more for your short haired grandma. Using this on longer hair can be really hard and could result in a tangled disaster. If you’re confident that you can be the boss of this comb, just use it to start a good teasing base. I will say, this Once you get going you shouldn’t use this.

5. Large Bobby Pins I just found this super cool combo pack, which I’ve never seen before. Typically, I use large bobby pins to “anchor” my client’s hair. I do the finishing touches with smaller ones, but when you need to hold serious weight (like when you’re trying to secure the rat roll) you need a more supportive bobby pin.

Last but not least, if you want a one-stop-shop, we’re kind of living for THIS KIT! It has the rat roll, bobby pins, teasing brush and all kinds of other goodness in one kit! Amazing, affordable holiday gift for the bestie.