Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We’re looking at all of the photos you posted on twitter and we are SO impressed!

Today’s video was created for those of you who haven’t mastered the good ol’ french braid yet. It’s a tricky little thing. Hopefully this visual will help you understand it better. Honestly– the regular french braid is hard to learn so don’t get frustrated. It can take a long time to get it, but once you do you’ll be able to use it in so many ways! Double braids, The Milkmaid Braid, and even around the hairline. You’ll just need a brush, your fingers, a ponytail holder and some patience.

Xx Kristin Ess


  • a flat brush or regular brush to detangle
  • clear elastic ponytail holder
  • scissors (be careful when cutting out the top elastic. best to have someone else do it for you)


  • Start with all of your hair down.
  • Brush through any tangles.
  • Gather the top center section.
  • Tie it with a clear elastic. This makes starting the braid MUCH easier.
  • Take one section from each side and cross them over the center section.
  • Add a new piece of hair to each section as you go.
  • Continue all the way down to the neckline.
  • Pull the remaining hair around your shoulders and finish with a regular braid.
  • As for the top elastic– you can either tuck it down into the braid, or carefully cut it out.