photo: elle china/post design: eunice chun

We all know that most cosmetic lines offer waterproof versions of their top mascaras. But because they need to be water resistant, the formulas tend to be a little starchy and stiff, not feathery and volumizing like their non-waterproof counterparts. So for most of us, we save the waterproof ones for pool parties and wedding days and stick to the volumizing and lengthening ones for real life, keeping an eye on everything throughout the day/evening to clean up any smears or tears and reapplying when it’s clear that the mascara hasn’t lasted. And we make the effort to do this because switching to the waterproof versions means giving up too much. Well… I’d love to share a secret tip that I use on my clients. It’s nothing brilliant and I’m sure a lot of you makeup mavens have already figured it out, but it is a game changer! Here are the 4 tricks:

  1. Apply your favorite volumizing and lengthening mascara to the TOP LASHES ONLY by wiggling the wand horizontally between the lashes.
  2. Repeat to really coat the lashes.
  3. Immediately before the second coat dries, switch to a WATERPROOF version and apply a third coat by holding the wand vertically and painting each lash with the tip. This seals everything like a nail polish top coat.
  4. Apply the waterproof formula to the bottom lashes. This is where volume isn’t that desired and mascara tends to smear and travel the most, so a waterproof formula is perfect.

Now you’ve locked everything in place without sacrificing big, beautiful and pet-able lashes. Please tweet or facebook us any of your favorite mascara tricks and tips and we’ll share them as well!

XO, Amy Nadine