A pop of purple on the lid brightens the face and is a soft way to make a bold statement. And it’s especially beautiful when paired with a peach cheek and lip. But the real focus of this video tutorial is to demonstrate the simple technique of wetting eye shadow with water for more intensity and lasting power.


Purple mineral loose shadow, purple pressed shadow, laydown shadow brush, blending shadow brush, black kohl or kajal liner, black volumizing mascara, foundation, sponge, peach cream blush, foundation brush, peach lip color.

1. Start by evening out your skin tone using foundation and a sponge. Here we’re using a cream foundation stick and an egg-shaped sponge, but you can use whatever you feel comfortable with.
2. Dampen your brush with water and dip it into the purple loose shadow to make a paste. You might have to go back in the water for a double dip if the consisentency is too powdery, or back into the powder if it’s too watery. Then smooth out any clumps on the back of your hand before you apply it to your eye lids.
3. Sweep the shadow along your upper and lower lids. Smooth out any edges with your fingers.
4. Load up your brush with the dry pressed shadow and sweep it back over the lids to set it. I prefer a purple shimmer shadow but you can certainly use a matte one.
5. Rim your inner waterline with a black kohl liner by gently pulling down on your eyelid with your finger then tracing the pencil back and forth.
6. Coat your lashes with two coats of mascara.
7. Using a foundation brush, pat a peach cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. You can find exactly where the apples of your cheeks are by smiling in a mirror.  Again, blend any edges with your fingers or the sponge.
8. Finish the look with a peach lip color.

XO Amy Nadine