photo: http://pinterest.com/pin/14484919/  post designed by kristin ess

Here are my favorite summer time styling secrets for blowing out your hair in this hot-hot-heat:

*During the summer months, open the window while you blow dry. If there’s no “new air” circulating, it can literally double your blow dry time. If it’s really humid outside, turn the air conditioning on while you blow dry instead. Don’t trap yourself in a teeny tiny bathroom with no air. Your blow out will take forever.

*Do your best to blow dry during the cooler part of the day– early morning, or late at night.

*Half way through your blow out, turn on the cold air setting and cool everything down. This will lower the temperature of your scalp and helps avoid trapping heat+ moisture near your scalp (which is what makes your hair frizz right back up)!

*If your hair always tends to frizz up after blow drying, coil it in a low, tight bun and let it set while you finish getting ready. Right before you head out, let the bun down + put a small amount of anti-frizz serum or argan oil through the ends.

*The key to blow drying on a hot day is getting it done quickly. You just want to hurry up and get it over with! If you have straight or wavy hair, keep brushing your hair with a flat/paddle brush while you’re blow drying. Water gets trapped between the hairs which is what keeps it wet. The quicker you separate the hairs and get air between them, the faster your hair will dry.

*My last hot weather blow drying tip:  always finish your summer time blow drying by using cold air for a full 2 minutes. It will make a huge difference.