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Last week was really long, and really fun. We always have the best time on our Kohl’s shoots. This time I took some photos of Lauren so you all can get an idea of the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes:

1. The benefit to having cake and cookie props is we’re told we can eat them after. And we do.

2. Believe me, she’s an animal. Lauren was freezing and standing in the middle of a Malibu wind storm. Her wardrobe stylist Britt put a blanket around her and this just happened. Meow.

3. Prim, proper + polished. Right here Lauren, Amy Nadine and I were having a water drinking contest. She who could drink the most water through out the day would get to tweet what ever they wanted from the other two’s twitter accounts. Right about here we called it a truce. All around bad idea.

4. Kohl’s brought in an incredible vintage Mercedes for Lauren to drive off in at the end of the collection video. This thing was amazing, but it had a very tricky, very sticky clutch, so Lady Lauren steered as all the manly men on set pushed this gorgeous hunk of metal down the driveway.

5. RIVER! Lauren asked for a puppy. On the last day they surprised her with this little gem. He stole the show. Obviously.

xx Kristin