“Pretty Practice”

~Do your makeup near a window and use natural light instead of turning on your vanity or bathroom lights. Not only will you save energy, but you can see things you might have missed in artificial lighting.

~Find eco friendly nail polishes. Some regular nail polishes contain dibutyl phthalate (dbp) to prevent chipping in nail polishes. That stuff is gross, bad for the environment and used in car paint. Would you go to honda for a mani pedi?

~The annoying paper phone book. Click here and get taken off your local yellow pages delivery list. That thing is an eye sore. Anyways, who’s even listed??

~Did you know a cd takes over a million years to decompose? These guys taught us that. They’re like electronic recycling elves. Don’t be lazy. Let them recycle your old phones and electronics. We do.

~When it comes to being green, no one has us beat like Rachel McAdams. She taught us that unplugging the “black box” phone chargers can practically save the world one killowatt at a time. Rachel and a couple of her friends started this and we think it’s fascinating.

~According to our poll earlier this week, nearly half of you are already doing your part by letting your hair air dry. Look at you, being all green!

XO Lauren, Kristin & Amy Nadine