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Lauren wants to know what you lovelies like the most. Good ol’ fashioned nail polish? Fancy new nail strips? Or mixing them together?


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You voted and I did it. Thanks for playing. Have a safe holiday weekend.


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When it comes to the root-y look, are you in it for the long haul or are you over it already? Have you tried it and not been able to achieve it? Tell us below. We want to know!


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When it comes to beauty, who decides what’s what?? The new issue of Italian Vogue decides a whole lot! These girls look gorgeous. This cover featuring a significant amount of hip and thigh will upset some and inspire others, which means it’s doing exactly what it should. I think we both know these ladies are not THAT big, but did you know that in the modeling world, size 6 and up is considered “plus size”?? Either way, this cover means progress. It means being super skinny, abnormally tall and white isn’t the only thing that’s attractive. I don’t want to turn in to a Dove campaign right now, but I think this is shedding some light on diverse beauty. If you’re in LA or going to be any time soon, you must go see the Beauty Culture exhibit at the Annenberg Space in Century City for even more perspective on where beauty has been and where it’s heading now! Fascinating stuff.

What do you think? Do you love or loathe that Italian Vogue chose to use these hourglass shaped gals for their cover?