A lot of us have uneven skin tones and I’m here to tell you it’s not that big of a deal. Really! It’s so easy to correct so please don’t stress! It’s a rare thing that someone’s skin shade is the same from her forehead to her neck… most of the time our foreheads or our lower cheeks and chin are darker than the rest of our face. Here’s how to even everything out in a way that still highlights our eyes.


  • Cream Foundation — I love a cream foundation stick but you can also use a cream foundation palette or even a cream concealer, just make sure to only go a half shade lighter than your true foundation shade. I used Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Cover Stick on Bria Murphy above and I also love the color range from Bobbi Brown Foundation Sticks (warm/cool, olive/fair/beige/almond/espresso…. you name it). The important factor is that you pick a shade that is a half shade lighter than your real shade. I say “a half” knowing that you’re thinking “how do I know what shade is a half shade lighter?” and bear with me… I say that because most shades are about a half shade variance between shades! So just go to the color in your favorite brand that is one level lower than your foundation and you’ll be fine. Or play with what you have in your makeup drawer and test shades on your neck.
  • Liquid Foundation — Pick one that is your true shade. To help, revisit my Foundation Shade Finder Tutorial and Undertones Tutorial. I used Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation above because again its shade range truly matches everyone. I’m also obsessed with Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Foundation because it’s water-based so it really blends into your skin instead of sitting on top of the skin like silicone-based foundations.


  1. With the foundation stick, draw a figure eight (8) on its side around the eyes like a Zorro mask. Then blend inwards to fill in the whole area (including your lids) using your fingers.
  2. Next sweep the liquid foundation on the rest of your face (not the area you just did) and don’t forget your neck. We used a Beauty Blender (slightly dampened first) but you can also use a foundation brush.
  3. This step is key: blend the edges of the two areas with a buffing brush. Swirl the brush in circles so half of the time it’s blending the liquid foundation up into the cream foundation and the other time it’s blending the cream foundation down into the liquid foundation. It sounds trickier than it is. You can totally get it right, I’m not worried in the slightest!



When it comes to makeup artistry, you have to master the kohl pencil. It’s been around for a very long time and for good reason. So why not learn how to use it the most effectively? Here’s how: READ MORE…


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Chances are, your best friend has been there for you through the worst of days and the most fun nights! But sometimes the person you know best, can be the hardest to shop for come holiday time. No worries love! TBD has you covered on the beauty front. We’ve rounded up favorites from our stash that are guaranteed to put a huge grin on her face come present time. Who knows, maybe she’s shopping this post for your gift too, you lucky girl! (send her a link just to be sure)

Toyko Milk Fragrance in Bulletproof #45: The Dark line from Tokyo Milk is a sexy line-up. We love this particular scent with deep notes of warm coconut and smokey teas. It’s something unexpected yet awesome to add to her scent line up! Grrrrr.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub: Not only does this tub of goodness slough off dead skin but it smells like key lime pie! After a good scrubba-dub-dub, she’ll have mega soft skin and smell like dessert. A double win.

Laqa & Co The Fiver: This takes the cake for the best lippie set of the season. You get five shades of their amazing, glossy lip pencils (no sharpeners needed!). Highly pigmented and brilliant packaging. Ticks all of the boxes for the perfect gift!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: So the beauty world has been long anticipating the launch of the third installment in Urban Decay’s Naked palette line…and it has arrived! And boy, is it a beauty. Nothing but the best for bestie!

Jin Soon Holiday Toppings: Super shiny nail trio that any best friend would love to have! We can picture so many mani possibilities with these glitter polishes that will carry her all through the season. A great addition to the varnish stashes.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pro Pick’s Lip Tar set: Anyone who hasn’t heard the loud and proud raves of these lip phenomenons must be living on Mars! For this reason, we had to include them for best friend. They are amazing as is or mix a few shades together for a custom pout. Either way, gorgeous!

Glam Glow Mask: This one goes in the “I really really love you and you are my best friend in the entire world” gift pile. A bit of a luxury item, but boy is it worth it. She can say au revoir to every clogged pore on her face! We want our besties to have great skin, yeah? Yeah!

The WAH Nails Book of Nail Art: For anyone in your life who obsessively looks at nail art pics on Instagram…meet their perfect gift. Pages of amazing nail art to inspire her own polish adventures!

Dry Bar Morning After Kit: Give the gift of second day hair! This is perfect to have on hand for last for all the holiday soirees you and your bestie will be crashing. She’ll be most grateful.

Illamasqua Liquid Metals: If these don’t scream “please wear me to parties” we don’t know what does. These creamy metallic cream shadows are gorgeous blended on the lid. Yes ma’am!

Mirror Compacts: These adorable little mirror compacts are great to stock up on and pass out to all of your best friends! They are also perfect to throw in gift bags as a cute add on. When something is adorned with kittens and french bulldogs…you can’t leave it behind.

Feeling Smitten Bath Bomb Trio: Cupcake bath bombs…seriously who wouldn’t want this? A nod to our favorite sweet treat but for the bath. Get fizzy with it.

Lipstick Queen Lip Nouveau Set: This is a hot brand in the lippie universe right now! Treat your pal to this set with three gorgeous limited edition shades from Lipstick Queen.

twistband™ set: This is the situation where a necessity becomes an accessory. These hair ties are super fun and majorly handy! And if your best girls are anything like ours…hair ties are never around when you need them.

Stila Masterpiece Series Eye and Cheek Palettes: These are a total steal. Three beautiful shadow and blush palettes for bestie to put her best face forward!

Benefit Bathina Body Balm: This is one of the most fun/retro products out there! This body balm gives you a festive glow and is especially good for the legs post shave!

Anna Sui Lip Color Palette: Yes, yes and yes. This is the perfect lip palette…from shade selection to packaging, it’s on point. You’re the best friend ever.

Stila Eat Sleep Dance Makeup Bag: Well, all these beauty treats…where is best friend going to put it? Answer: in this cheeky metallic silver bag with a very important motto etched on the front.


Ok, so what are your favorites? Anything in this haul that your girlfriends would kill to have? Let us know in the comments!

Also shopping for mom? We covered that too!



Who knew three little dots could do so much? Remember my Lower Lashline Intensity Study? That was where I first introduced the concept of drawing small dots along the lashline to make the roots of your lashes appear subtly thicker. You can do it with a sharp-tip pencil or a liquid liner. Or… you can do what I do and use this clever genius of an invention! It’s a liquid liner that stamps three dots perfectly spaced to emulate lash roots! I’ve found three versions out there and I’m sure other brands will catch on and make their own soon too! When you don’t want to lose lid space by lining your eyes, this is another great alternative to Tightlining. Here’s how: READ MORE…