I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found many of our top makeup hacks borrowed on other sites! It’s all good, but it made me think that you might want them rounded up in one place for you here as well. So let’s walk down memory lane with 15 of my favorite tricks and tutorials I’ve ever created:

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks15

#15 For stubbornly-straight lashes, you have to try our Lash Curling Extreme Tutorial with your favorite lash curler and your hair dryer!

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks14

#14 Turn any old kohl pencil into an intense gel liner with our DIY Gel Liner Tutorial, one of the first tutorials I ever created!

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks13

#13 Outline with concealer before rocking a bright lipstick with our fuller lip trick!

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks12

#12 When using your favorite contouring kit, don’t cross the imaginary line!

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks11

#11 When applying your favorite mascara, it’s all about the roots! Check out our Mascara Re/Done Tutorial for the steps.

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks10

#10 If you don’t have a contour brush (or aren’t ready to invest in one), make your own in two seconds by pinching a powder brush or bronzing brush with our DIY Contour Brush Tutorial!

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks9

#9 If you keep your cult-favorite eye cream in the fridge, it’ll also help constrict everything and tackle puffy bags! Check out our full tutorial here.

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks8

#8 Imagine and draw secret triangles when you highlight and contour with our clever tutorial!

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks7

#7 Don’t toss a dried-out mascara! Add a few drops of Rewetting Solution and bring it back to life with our Save The Mascara Tutorial!

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks6

#6 Apply your favorite red lipstick and then stamp the center of the top and bottom lip with a frosted highlighter. Revisit our 3-D Lip Illusion Tutorial for more.

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks5

#5 If your cheekbones haven’t come in yet (mine didn’t arrive until I was 26), try our Cheekbone Finder Tutorial!

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks4

#4 Dip an angled liner brush into a gel liner pot and stamp the outline of your cat eye! Refresh your memory with our full Cat Eye Stamp Tutorial.

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks3

#3 Streamline your eyeshadows into one Custom Palette! Check out my DIY Shadow Palette Tutorial for more!

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks2

#2 This is my biggest pet peeve out there! No more raccoon eyes please. Only apply a lighter concealer to the indentation, NOT the puffy “bag”. Learn why and see my whole tutorial here.

TBD Top 15 Makeup Hacks1

#1 You know when you try a new mascara but don’t love the formula or the wand so you toss it in a drawer with others? Don’t! Try our Customized Mascara Tutorial instead by keeping the wand that you love and matching it with a formula that you love, or vice versa!



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