We’re in the dead of winter and Summer feels like ages from now. But we don’t have to look like we’ve been living in a cave! Personally I prefer being pale and try to stay pale all year long. But every now and then I like to warm it up a little with a gorgeous bronze glow, and whenever I do, I never regret it! There’s just something beautiful and healthy-looking having a hint of color, especially in the winter months. And this method of mixing a luminizer with foundation, highlighting under the eyes then contouring with the bronzer and pairing it with a smoky taupe eye and a tulip pink lip is a fresh way to keep it from looking oompa loompa. Here’s how:



  1. Pour a quarter-size of liquid foundation into the balm of your hand.
  2. Pump a nickel-size of liquid luminizer into the foundation as demonstrated above.
  3. Mix the two together by swirling with your finger.
  4. Dampen the egg sponge and wring it out into a towel. Dip it into the mixture in the balm of your hand.
  5. Stipple and smear it all over your face and neck to really blend it in.
  6. Paint the liquid highlighter under the eye, and don’t forget both sides of the inner eye area.
  7. Pat it in with your ring finger.
  8. Set everything with the powder. Don’t forget to press, don’t sweep, the brush!
  9. Contour the lower half of the cheekbone, the temple, hairline and forehead, jawline and neck with the bronzing powder.
  10. Highlight just above the cheekbone and the browbone with the highlighting powder.
  11. Add a swirl of peach blush just above the apple of the cheek.
  12. Trace the lid with the eyeshadow stick. You can include the crease if you wish but we didn’t on Alyssa above.
  13. Trace the lower lashline with the shadow stick as well.
  14. Comb the lashes up and over with the spoolie.
  15. Add a few coats of mascara.
  16. Fill in the entire lip area with the tulip pink lip crayon.

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