By now you know my first choice to powder your face is a puff because it really presses the powder onto the skin to set the makeup (revisit my Powder Press Tutorial if you need to). But I’m still a big fan of a big fluffy powder brush, I’m just not a fan of the way it’s misused by millions of women! We spend so much time strategically placing concealer over blemishes and our cream blush just above the apples of our cheeks… then we literally move it when we sweep the powder brush over it. So for the love of everything sacred, please don’t sweep it from this moment on!


  • A Big Fluffy Powder Brush: Pick one that is spherical instead of compressed and flat-ish, because you won’t be able to flare it out when you stamp it if it’s flat. Try Hourglass Powder Brush #1 because it’s PETA-approved or Sonia Kashuk Couture Kabuki Brush because it’s budget-friendly.
  • Translucent Loose or Pressed Powder: It’s always safest to pick a translucent powder over a colored one unless your powder shade and your foundation shade match perfectly because they’re the same brand. My favorite loose powder is Giorgio Armani Microfil Loose Powder in 0 because it never gets cakey. Ever.


  1. With the lid still on, flip the loose powder upside down so a small amount sprinkles into the catcher. Dip the brush either into the catcher or into the lid to load it with powder.
  2. Always tap the brush against the side of the container to release any excess powder. You can always go back and add another layer if you need to, but it’s harder to take it off once it’s on.
  3. Stamp the brush over areas that you want to tone down shine. You do this by holding the brush perpendicularly to your face and press it against the skin until the bristles flare out as demonstrated above. Then pull the brush away from your skin at the same 90-degree angle. There is no sweeping involved whatsoever. You press in one section, pull the brush off. Press again in another section, pull the brush off. Like your pressing a stamp against a stamp pad.
  4. Continue to stamp the brush wherever you see shine. This method sets the makeup without moving it from where you placed it.


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