You have to try these two brow tricks! First, instead of just one tool, use both a pencil (for the perimeter) and a shadow (to shade). And second, combine a warm shade (the shadow) with a cool shade (the pencil). Just like painting, it adds dimensions when you mix mediums and tones and gives a much richer result… so why not employ the same theory with your brows? Here’s how: 


  • Brow Shadow in a Warm Shade: You can use any warm brow shadow (or even matte eye shadow like Stila Eye Shadow in Java!) that you have but I used Purely Pro Brow Shadow in Desert Brown because it’s never steered me wrong on any red carpet look I’ve created.
  • Stiff Angled Brow Brush: Laura Mercier’s Brow Definer has been a staple in my kit since the first time I got my hands on it. It has the perfect stiffness and density.
  • Brow Pencil in a Cool Shade: MAC Eyebrows Pencil in Lingering is a gorgeous cool tone that works on everyone. Dior Brow Styler in Universal Brown is another amazing taupe shade.


  1. You can start with either the shading of the perimeter; it’s merely a preference thing. Personally I like to start with the shading. Dip the Brow Brush into the Brow Shadow.
  2. Always remember to tap the brush against the side of the container to get rid of any excess shadow.
  3. Start shading the brow base with quick strokes emulating brow hairs.
  4. Once you’ve shaded the base, continue on to the brow “tail” and don’t worry about making it sharp on the edges.
  5. Switch to the Brow Pencil and begin to outline the perimeter, starting at the inside on the top and ending at the arch.
  6. Repeat from the inside on the bottom and draw a parallel line as illustrated above.
  7. Lift your pencil and place it at the top of the arch then draw a line to the tip/end of the tail.
  8. Repeat another parallel line on the underside of the tail (as illustrated above).


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