Post + Photography by Amy Nadine + Sophia Flores, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

One of the most reoccurring emails in our inbox is about covering dark circles. We’ve done two tutorials addressing it so far (revisit How to Cover Dark Circles and Daytime Concealer Trick for more), but today we’re tackling the darkest of dark circles with the help of the color correction! I know I refer to art class a lot, but makeup is an art form and the same theories apply. On the color wheel, orange and blue are across from each other and yellow and purple are across from each other, which means they cancel each other out. So if you have serious dark circles, they’re probably a little purple and a little blueish. Luckily, we know the best concealers that are the perfect shades of orange and yellow to cancel them out. Or if yours are pretty bad but not fatal, try a salmon (pinky-peach) shade to brighten at the same time. My fellow makeup artist Sophia Flores breaks it down (and kindly loans us her eye above):



  1. Dip the foundation brush into the concealer. **We prefer a foundation brush to concealer brush because of the larger surface area.
  2. Press the flat side of the brush on the center of the dark circle.
  3. Continue stamping the brush along the circle.
  4. Press press press.
  5. Don’t forget to stamp it on the inner corners as well.
  6. Gently blend with your finger.
  7. Apply foundation all over your face, including over the concealer so you can no longer see the orange/salmon/yellow.
  8. Set with powder.