Post + Photos by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

Last year I showed you how to Soften the Line by applying eye shadow over eye liner. Today I’m showing you how to skip liner all together and use eye shadow as liner! Why? Because it’s a really pretty & soft look that lasts. Here’s how:


  • Any Loose (or Pressed) Shadow — The only difference is how you’ll wet it! If you use loose shadow, follow the steps in this post. If you use pressed shadow, just wet the brush. Don’t kill me, but I used Lime Crime’s Magic Dust in Dragon Scales above, only to look up the link for you and see that it’s been discontinued. Argh. But it’s irrelevant anyway as you can use any shadow you like.
  • Water
  • Angled Liner Brush — My favorite is Hourglass’s Angled Liner Brush because it’s the perfect width and density.


  1. Pour the water into the lid of the shadow. I poured a little extra above for shooting purposes (so you could see it!), but you can just put a drop or two.
  2. Sprinkle shadow into water. If you’re using this technique with a pressed shadow, don’t pour water on it! Just wet the brush!
  3. Use the liner brush to mix everything into a paste by swirling.
  4. Sweep the liner brush along the lash line. Wing it out and up if you feel like it.