Written by: Sarah St. Lifer, Graphic Design: Eunice Chun

It goes without saying that we always opt for the extra shot of wheatgrass when we’re grabbing a beverage at our local juice shop. Though tough to swallow, the roster of health benefits could put the menu of Yogurtland toppings to shame. As a powerful antioxidant, that tiny shot will help combat cancer, diabetes, and the common cold. And, that post-shot glow isn’t a coincidence — since wheatgrass is an abundant source of vitamins and iron, skin is suddenly much firmer and smooth. We’ll drink to that!

So, as devoted members at the church of wheatgrass, we leaped at the opportunity to incorporate the plant into our beauty routine. Enter: Wheatgrass on Ice. No, we’re not talking about a fancy new cocktail — when frozen and applied topically, the combo has a calming effect on skin. Cheeks irritated from a day in the sun? Just rub a cube on the affected area, and let Mother Nature work her magic. The antihistamines not only reduce redness and inflammation, but they also alleviate itchiness. If only other freezer staples such as Cherry Garcia had the same healing benefits…

Let’s begin!

1. Go to your local juice shop/smoothie bar and buy shots of wheatgrass juice. We picked up two 2-ounces of wheatgrass juice shots.

2. Grab a clean ice cube tray.

3. Carefully pour about 1/4th of the wheatgrass juice shot into each ice cube slot. For us, two 2-ounce shots of wheatgrass juice was good to cover about a total of 8 ice cube slots.

4. Continue pouring the next 1/4th of wheatgrass juice into the next ice cube slot.

5. And again…

6. And again until you’ve poured out all the juice into the ice cube slots.

7. Now carefully place the tray into the freezer, and wait until the wheatgrass juice ice cubes areĀ completely frozen.

8. Find the blemish/affected area on your skin for where you want to apply the wheatgrass ice cube.

9. Carefully grab the wheatgrass ice cube out of the slot.

10. Wrap the wheatgrass ice cube with a small piece of a soft paper towel and directly apply it to the affected area on your face.


Now let Mother Nature work her magic aaaaand that’s it!

Do you have your own hippy home remedy or maybe an au natural tip from a friend? We’d love to hear about in the comments below! xo