Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

There are lots of emails in our inbox asking how to make smaller eyes look bigger. There are also many asking how to disguise a drooping eyelid. Of course you know our first response is that we should all embrace what we have! But since we know little ways to help, we’re happy to share! Revisit our Big Eyes Tutorial, Asian Eye Focus Tutorial and Hooded Lid Tutorial first, then take this into consideration too. If your eyes are on the smaller side, try making the whole eye area bigger. And one way is by exaggerating the lashes.


  • V-Shaped Flares — I used Sweet Individual Lashes on my cuzzie Emily above (I’m obsessed with them and am loving the way they look on my clients on the red carpet!) but if you’re not comfortable with individuals (well wait, watch our Ooh La Lashes VIDEO Tutorial first and see if that helps!), you can rock these gorgeous MAC Overlapping Lash Strips or cut them in half and wear them only on the corners.
  • Lash Glue
  • Tweezers


  1. After applying mascara, squeeze a dollop of glue onto the back of your hand and wait two full minutes for it to get tacky. Gently pull a flare away from the packaging with the tweezers and dip the base into the glue.
  2. Start at the outer corner and lay the flare at the lashline.
  3. Continue placing 5-7 more flares next to each other, one by one, as you work towards the center. But here’s the trick: criss cross them so the right side of one crosses over the left side of the one next to it. This helps to give you that doe-eyed look.