Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

You’ve already learned our quick tip for preventing your lower eyeliner from running in The Line Saver post, so this time we’re focusing on the upper lashline. If you have oily eye lids, you’ve probably struggled with your liner stamping itself just above the crease. Even if it’s a waterproof formula… so frustrating! And if you’ve used a non-waterproof formula, forget about it. You might as well draw the crease line yourself because it’s definitely going to end up there anyway! But this trick really works if you do it immediately upon application.

Here’s how: 


  • Translucent Powder — One of my all-time favorites is Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Loose Powder in #0 because even though it’s translucent (color-less), it has tiny little shimmering particles that help mask imperfections and it never gets cakey.
  • Eye Shadow Blending Brush — The Lancôme Blending Shadow Brush is the perfect size for your crease and the perfect fluffiness to deposit the right amount of powder.


  1. Immediately after defining the upper lashline with a liquid, long-lasting or kohl liner, turn the powder jar upside down then back right side up so when you open it there is still a little left in the lid. Dip your brush into the powder in the lid and swirl it to load it up then tap it on the rim.
  2. Sweep the brush back and forth on the crease.
  3. Sweep the remainder all over the entire lid (even over the liner as it’s translucent and won’t obstruct the liner). That’s it!

P.S. Don’t fret about having oily eyelids… I know it’s a nuisance but it’s actually a good thing that you’re still producing oil! When you stop, that’s when the wrinkles start to creep in, so embrace it.

For those of you who love this double liner look, the mint color is Stila All Day Liner in Turquoise and the black is Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Liquid Liner! And if you want more than two colors, revisit my Rainbow Liner post!