Lots of you lovely ladies email us saying how they have unmanageable, giant hair that they just can’t seem to get under control. Today’s your lucky day! This is a fun tutorial for anyone who has some natural wave + frizz, aaaand it’s also a great tutorial for those of you who live in humidity. All we’re going to do is tame, curl + twist! Here we go! 

  1. Start with clean dry hair + natural waves.
  2. Add a heat protecting/frizz control serum from middle to ends.
  3. Use a 3/4″ barrel curling iron to refine any unruly waves.
  4. Find a middle part.
  5. Start with a small piece near the temple and another piece one inch or so behind that one. Twist backward.
  6. Add in another small piece one inch behind that one.
  7. Add in another piece and twist.
  8. Add one more piece and twist.
  9. Pin the twist to the back of the head.
  10. Repeat this process on the other side and pin it in back as well.
  11. Cut some small fresh flowers if you want! This step is obviously optional.
  12. Pin them into the hair right above the twist.

This hair reminds me so much of Game of Thrones hair! If you have this massive amount of hair– no doubt it’s hard to tame but once you learn to control your wave and frizz it’s so stunning!!! Good luck ladies!

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