We continue our Blush & Bronzing Series with today’s lesson in powder blush. This option:

  1. works well with all skin types,
  2. is the best option for those of us with oily skin,
  3. opens up the world of shimmer if you want an extra glow,
  4. lasts longer than the various blush types,
  5. and layers beautifully on top of mineral powder foundation.

Powder blush has been around since the onset of makeup and will never go away because it adds that perfect flush of color for an instant healthy-looking glow.


  • Any powder blush that you love and looks good on your skin tone (remember my post on finding the most harmonious blush color for your skin tone a few months ago? Refresh your memory here!) — I used my current fave Anna Sui Cheek Color on my assistant and always-lovely model Carissa above.
  • A blush brush — my all-time favorite for years now is the NARS Artisan Yachiyo Brush because it picks up and deposits the perfect amount of product and because you can really swirl it across the skin. It’s an investment though so if you’re looking for a more affordable option, try ABT’s Blush Brush.


  1. Dip the brush into the blush and load up both sides.
  2. Tap a little off on your counter.
  3. Smile in the mirror (you don’t have to do a big old teeth smile or anything, you can just do a fake smile) so the apples of your cheeks pop out.
  4. Sweep the brush in swirling motions from the apple along the cheekbone to the end of your cheek.
  5. Dust a little on your temple.
  6. Brush a little across your brow bone so it hits above and below your brow.
  7. Use the remaining product on the brush to give a quick tap across the middle of your nose.

With the steps above, the blush should last you from steps 4-7 without reloading with more product. Step back and decide if you want another layer, and if so, repeat only step 4 so the majority of the blush effect is along your cheeks. Blushing the other areas is only to tie everything together so you don’t look like a clown, so you only need to blush them once.

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