For those of you who don’t feel comfortable filling in your eyebrows, either because you like a more natural look or because it’s more effort than you’re willing to exert in the morning, this instant and subtle brow technique is for you! The only part that you fill in is the arch, also known as the High Point. You literally are drawing this figure ^ at the top of your arch, leaving the rest of it natural. Then brush brow gel through the hairs in the directions above. It’s a quick technique but has a big payoff: more of an arched and raised brow that makes your eyes look more awake and younger! Here’s how:


  • Brow Pencil — you can use a kohl pencil or a mechanical one like this MAC Eye Brows Pencil (Brunette) that I used on Carissa above. For this technique try to find your exact brow shade, not darker or lighter.
  • Brow Gel — Not only does a brow gel keep your brows in place, if you use it daily, it can help retrain them to grow in the direction you want them to. I used Damone Roberts Brow Gel above.


  1. Eye exactly where you want want the arch to be (where you would naturally have one or already do). Place the pencil at the high point and draw a straight line 1/4 of the distance to the inside edge of your brow.
  2. Place the pencil back at the high point and draw another straight line in the opposite direction 1/3 of the distance from the high point to the end of the tail of the brow.
  3. If the lines look too noticeable, you can give them a little smudge with a q-tip.
  4. Brush the hairs closest to your nose upwards. I personally go one step further with my clients and brush those hairs upwards and inwards toward the nose but it’s a preference thing.
  5. Brush the hairs in the tail of the brow downward in the direction that they naturally grow in (it’s technically kind of down and kind of outward towards the ear, if that makes sense!).

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