post + photos by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

This might not be for everyone but I know it made a lot of you light up inside! There are so many different variations of this too. You can make every other color rotate between metallic and matte finishes, you can repeat colors, you can do only two or three colors instead of all six… just let this be an inspiration to have some fun with your lids every now and then. Your friends will appreciate it! Here’s how:



  1. Determine which color to start with. I like a darker color on the lashline because it also defines your eyes, but the white shade at the lashline is fun too.
  2. Then one after the other, start at your inner corner and slowly trace the lashline to the outer corner.
  3. Go back over lines to try and make them even and smooth. Each time I added a new line, I had to go back to the line directly below it and add a coat.
  4. Determine how much eye space you have left to decide how many colors you can showcase. We had to stop at 6 because we were already at the crease.
  5. Wet a pointed Q-tip with water and erase any markings outside of the top line or line endings.
  6. Add mascara and enjoy!