post + photos by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

Makeup has come a long way since our mothers’ era! And powder might become a thing of the past with this genius invention. I’ve tried it on my clients in every situation (the red carpet, talk shows, photo shoots) and it hasn’t failed me yet! I used to be a fan of blotting papers when I didn’t want to the makeup to get cakey from powder, but tapping a little anti-shine mattifier works so-o much better. No need to thank me; just enjoy! Here’s what you’ll need:


Mally’s Poreless Face Defender is my trustworthy go to and I’ve given one to almost all of my clients to replace their powder compacts in their clutches. It’s pricey but lasts at least a year. You can also try the more budget-friendly L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base applied with a sponge.


  1. After applying all of your makeup, tap your finger or sponge lightly across the top of the product. And because I know you’re going to ask, here’s where you can get Carissa’s ring above.
  2. Tap anywhere on your face that looks shiny. I like to check it in the rear view mirror in my car before I walk in somewhere and give my nose, chin and forehead a quick light sweep with my finger.


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