photos by getty, wire + go runway, graphic design by eunice chun, post by amy nadine

It’s a free world and I love that we can all wear any blush shade we are in the mood to wear each day! But certain shades are more harmonious on some skin tones than on others. Why does it matter? Because when you find your perfect blush shade, no matter what eye shadow or lip color you choose, the blush becomes secondary and more of a natural flush, like you’re blushing. So here’s a loose guideline in finding your blush bestie! **We know that many of us fall in between the 6 skin tone shades listed above, but as much as it kills us, we just can’t include all 5,682 different variations in skin tones…  But please don’t fret, just find the ones that you fall in between and decide if you have more of the cooler or warmer undertone version of the two tones. For a refresher course in undertones, revisit my lesson from last year by clicking here.

PORCELAIN — APRICOT: Fair skin with warm undertones look gorgeous with this peachy-yellow shade and this one is our favorite.

IVORY — PALE PINK: Fair skin with cool undertones naturally work best with cool pinks like this one.

BEIGE– AMBER: Medium skin tones with yellow or olive undertones look beautiful with these amber shades (100% of the profits go to the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund!).

TAWNY — ROSE: Medium to dark skin tones with cool undertones work harmoniously with the cool undertones of a rosy cream blush.

ALMOND — FUCHSIA: Dark skin tones with warm undertones surprisingly radiate more with cool bright pink blush shades than with warm shades. Try this favorite of ours.

EBONY — TANGERINE: Again, but this time with dark skin tones that have cool undertones, go for the opposite with a warm blush {tangerine} instead of a cool pink that tends to get lost. We’ve been using this one in Gladiola for years.