photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

I love this super quick little tip for a fuller lip! Not only because it tricks the eye into seeing a more voluminous lip, but also because it’s so, so pretty and makes me happy! Here’s how to pull it off:


  • Highlighting powder: You can use a frosted eye shadow or blush, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s lighter than the lipstick. I used Trish McEvoy’s Highlights Blush from my kit but it seems to be discontinued {sorry!} and this one is the closest match I could find. I love using a frosted pale pink paired with a red, fuchsia or even with a vamp lip color!
  • Your favorite lip color: I used this lovely matte pencil on Carissa above, but you can use any color in any form as long as not metallic and it’s darker than the highlighting powder.


  1. Apply the lip color all over. You can use a lip brush for more precision or apply directly with the pencil or from the lipstick tube.
  2. Dip your finger into the highlighting powder.
  3. Slightly open your mouth and “stamp” your finger directly in the center of both your top and bottom lips.

You can go back with the lip color around the edges of the powder to make the stamp smaller if need be {I did}.


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