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How many of your fancy faces will be rocking GLITTER tonight?? If you’re planning on it, here are some quick tips & tricks along with some of our favorite glitters, glues + tools. We’ve also listed which stores will have them so you can go in and pick them up last minute…

1. NYX Cosemetics “Glitter Cream Palette” $5.50 Urban Outfitters, Ulta & some CVS stores

2. Deborah Lippman nail polish in “Boom Boom Pow” $20 Nordstrom

3. OPI Muppets Collection in “Rainbow Collection” Ulta or your local beauty supply

4. Sephora Collection Glitter Eyeliner $12. Sephora

5. Sephora silicone glitter applicator brush $3 Sephora

6. Makeup Forever Glitter Pots $13. Macy’s

7. Makeup Forever Eye Seal $17 Sephora

8. TooFaced Glitter Glue $18 Sephora, Ulta

9. Urban Decay “Heavy Metal Collection” $14 Ulta, Sephora

10. NARS “Super Orgasm” blush $28 Sephora, Neiman Marcus


  • If you choose silver, gold or opalescent glitter, you can wear almost any shade of lipstick with it (red, vamp, fuchsia, nude).
  • If you choose colored glitter (blue, green, purple, red), you’ll want to pair it with a nude lip as you’re already making a strong statement with your eyes.
  • Use a longwear cream eyeshadow (like the NYX palettes above) or use a glitter glue as your base so the glitter can adhere.
  • Don’t apply under eye concealer or foundation until after you finish your glitter shadow. That way the glitter won’t have anything to stick to if it falls.
  • For bigger glitter chunks, you can individually place pieces using lash glue.
  • Use a piece of paper or a business card and place it underneath your eye to catch the glitter that falls off as you apply (or) apply extra face powder underneath your eye just before applying the glitter so you can easily swipe off the excess that falls below your eye using a powder brush and nothing will stick to your makeup.
  • Soak glitter glue with warm water.
  • Gently go in with a makeup towelette afterward to clear off any remaining pieces of glitter so they don’t get stuck in your pores!

Cheers! Have fun and sparkle responsibly!


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