photo: patrick cline for Lonny Magazine post designed by: kristin ess

What’s a girl to do with a banged up table? Here’s my new favorite answer. We saw this gorgeous vanity by famed interior designer Ryan Korban and it made us swoon!

Thankfully, we’ve figured out a DIY version! There are two different options:

If you’re a sewing machine master, you can probably take one look at this picture and figure out how to make your own. And of course doing it this way will get you a perfect fit.

  • Measure the table.
  • Create a simple flat table skirt.
  • Sew + gather 3 panels.
  • Attach them to the table skirt.

OR… If you’re “not so nimble with the thimble”:

  • Measure the perimeter of the table and find a simple white table skirt that fits.
  • Then find a ruffled window curtain or shower curtain, like the one below. I found this one by googling “ruffle curtain”. There are so many sizes and colors to choose from!
  • You should really make sure to measure well so you don’t run out of fabric. (If you DO run short on fabric, don’t forget you can just do 3 sides as long as the 4th side is against the wall.
  • Cut a 6 tiered curtain in half horizontally, making 2 pieces with 3 tiers each. Or if your table is shorter, cut the 6 tiers horizontally, making 3 pieces with 2 tiers.
  • Attach– Sew, hand sew, have your mom sew, or have an alterations place sew those 2 pieces on to the table skirt.

Xx Kristin Ess