photos: Hicham Riad (top) Harper's Bazaar (bottom) post designed by Kristin Ess

Printed silk scarves are a must this season, worn every way you can think of… head wraps, around the neck, flowing from the strap of your handbag… it’s such a gorgeous and simple way to add style and life to any basic outfit of solid colors. And to take it one step further…

pull out a couple colors from the print and use them to inspire your makeup or nail polish that day. This is such a pretty way to carry over the pops of color we saw earlier this year into the winter months.

So no matter what shades are in your scarf, use them for makeup inspiration to create a beautifully harmonious allover look. Obviously, blues, greens, purples, blacks, greys, golds, silvers and browns from your scarf can be matched with eye shadow or eye liner, while pinks, reds and oranges are best matched with lip colors. And of course, yellows or any neons should probably only be matched with your nail color!

XO, Amy Nadine