photo: lilylock.tumblr.com/post design: eunice chun

Every single Winter I swear that I’m not going to let my face get dry, irritated and chapped. But life gets in the way, I forget to stay on top of it and before I know it, the corners of my lips are cracked and my chin is so dry and irritated that it even has little rash-like bumps on it! Then I spend the next month trying to turn it around, but the heavy emollient creams strong enough to tackle the chapped skin only inflame and irritate the rash, causing dermatitis and break outs, landing me in my dermatologist’s office, hoping my insurance will cover it!!  It’s enough to drive a woman nuts. So this year, I am determined to stay on the offense and keep my skin balanced, moisturized and happy. Here is my pledge:

  1. I will try not to let my scarf or the collar of my coat rub against my chin and cause chaffing.
  2. I will try not to take scolding hot showers but warm ones instead. Sigh. And I won’t blow the car heater onto my face, but use the vents on the floor boards only.
  3. Every morning I will start with a hyaluronic acid serum and follow it with a moisturizing cream containing SPF.
  4. Throughout the day I will refresh my face with a hydrating mist that I will keep in my purse.
  5. Every evening after I wash my face, I will apply a deep moisturizing night cream, no matter how tired I am from a long day.
  6. I will avoid harsh facial scrubs that could cause irritation but instead gently use a wash cloth to keep my cell turnover turning.
  7. Once a week I will slather a moisturizing mask all over my face for 10 minutes.
  8. I will apply and re-apply lip balm numerous times every day.
  9. I will keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  10. I will wear SPF 50+ when skiing/snowboarding and try not to let my coat collar massacre my chin like last year.

Yes that’s ten promises and seems daunting, but it’ll be so worth it if I can make it through until March without succumbing to the vicious cycle of dry, chapped and rash-covered skin! Tweet us at @TBDofficial if you want to take the pledge with me! And tweet any prevention tips that work for you and we’ll retweet. Here’s to making it through Winter together!

XO, Amy Nadine