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Going on a first date is always nerve-racking. What to wear, what to say, where to meet, etc… Let me tell you one thing you don’t need to over think– your hair. Recently, I asked 20 guy friends for their opinion on a girls’ “first date” hair. 16 out of 20 guys agreed, a lovely lady’s hair shouldn’t be the focal point. First I showed them photos of very basic hairstyles like the simple ponytail, a basic blow out, every day waves, + natural curls. Next I showed them the hairstyles our female readers have requested the most- the fishtail braid, the fun bun + twisted sister. Hands down, the more simple hairstyles took the prize with the guys. Try to keep things pretty and natural. You should look like yourself at your most polished. If they’re not into that, don’t even start thinking about second date hair.

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