photo: Arthur Elgort post designed by kristin ess

Why let Gucci and DVF have all the fun? I love a sweater that has two giant halves, when one is red and the other purple! Translate this fashion trend with two-toned eyeshadow and you’ll be surprised how fun and pretty it turns out.  Even though there aren’t really any rules per se, just stick within these guidelines for the most effectiveness:

  1. Pick shades that are primary or secondary colors (think rainbow tones, not earth tones).
  2. Pick contrasting shades that are not in the same family (i.e. a dark purple and a light purple are pretty together but not color blocking).
  3. Apply one shade to the top lid and the contrasting shade to the bottom lid (if you apply both of them to the top lid, it’s more of a smoky eye).

Then try any of these color combinations (or make up your own!):

  • Emerald green + royal blue
  • Regal purple + peach
  • Lilac + navy
  • Red + Pink (hello 1980!)
  • Grass green + lavender

After applying, skip eyeliner (or if you rather die than go without it, line only the inside of your eyes (the waterline) with black) then coat your lashes with mascara.  Finish with a light lip and cheek (no red lips please, we don’t want to look like a color wheel!).