photo: Vanessa Jackman post designed by kristin ess

There’s something very fairy-like about this icy look on model Lindsey Wixson from Paris Fashion Week that reminds me of Liv Tyler’s character in Lord of the Rings… why not try it out one day to change things up a little?  That’s what I love most about make-up… we can play around with different looks to express ourselves without doing anything drastic or permanent.  And almost every cosmetic line out there has a white liner that is typically used on the water line (the area inside of your lashline that touches your eyes) to open up your eyes even bigger.  But you can use it instead on the upper lashline for a bit of whimsy.  Pair it with:

  • A rosy lipstain/tinted lip balm
  • Rosy cheeks (I prefer a cream blush for a more ethereal look but you can totally use a powder blush if that’s what you have in your make-up drawer)
  • Bare brows
  • Clear mascara
  • A dusting of translucent powder.

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XO Amy Nadine