Photos: www.pinterest.com, Steven Chee, www.seemeeverywhere.com post designed by lauren conrad

Fasten your seat belts ladies! I have spent a lot of time traveling in the last couple months which can really take a toll on your appearance.  So I thought I would share a couple of helpful beauty tips that I have picked up along the way.

  • Moisturize!  I can’t stress this one enough.  The recycled air in the plane can really dry out your pretty skin.  The night before you are headed to the airport be sure to use a good moisturizer and lots of it.  Also don’t forget to include both a travel sized face and lip moisturizer in your carry-on luggage to use during the flight.
  • It’s time to “takeoff”… your makeup!  If you are like me and dread the thought of strolling though the airport bare faced, then pack some makeup removing wipes in your bag.  Then, once you have boarded the plane, remove your makeup and apply a layer of moisturizer.
  • Avoid carbonation and salty foods.  I know this one is a challenge considering the first things to be served on a plane are salted nuts and soda, but stay strong ladies!  Instead opt for some herbal tea or good old H2O.  Also try packing your own snacks. Things like unsalted nuts or dried fruit make an excellent in-flight treat and won’t leave you puffy or bloated. It is also smart to avoid alcohol (sorry!) because it is more likely to make you dehydrated.
  • Some of you might experience swelling in your hands and feet while flying.  One way to avoid this is by wearing compression socks.  They aren’t the most fashionable items, but they keep your tootsies from swelling up during the flight.
  • Freshen up! Most perfume bottles exceed the limit of liquid ounces allowed through security and have to travel in our checked luggage, but no one wants to arrive at their final destination smelling like a 747.  Next time you fly pack a couple of perfume samples with you.  They work just as well and won’t be confiscated in security.

XO Lauren