photos/post/graphic design: Kristin Ess

A few days ago I was in one of those fun paper stores when I saw the new gold + silver Sharpies. Of course I bought them. Thought I would give them a try on my nails and see if they would stay put when a top coat was added. BOOM. My new favorite nail art tool was discovered. It came out even better than I had imagined. It’s really hard to get a super-reflective gold paint for accenting your nails– particularly one that’s easy to use. This is one of the easiest applications ever because everyone knows how to use a pen. I don’t really love the nail art pens because I find that the polish separates and it can come out “chunky” after a couple uses. So glad I stumbled upon these gems! Here are a couple of things you should know:

  • Goes on top of a dry coat of nail polish or on top of gel nails smoothly.
  • If you mess up, you can wipe it off gently with rubbing alcohol without smudging your polish– this literally makes your nail kinda like a dry erase board!
  • Let the metallic paint dry and then add your top coat. I painted my top coats on pretty quickly and had zero problems with smudging or discoloration.
  • The pens come in gold and silver.
  • Sharpie also makes “paint pens” and these are NOT those, so make sure you get the one above in the photo. The other ones have a rougher pen tip and don’t work the same.

This is going to come in very handy for remaining holiday/new year nails!┬áBy the way, this is NOT a sponsored post in case you were wondering. It’s just a really exciting discovery and wanted to share!! xo