post: Kristin Ess graphic design: Eunice Chun

When it comes to a rectangular face shape, the goal is to keep the face from appearing longer than it is naturally. There are many things that contribute to lengthening a rectangular face– hair length, volume and cut. Here are a few ideas for you gorgeous rectangle gals!

  • Layer away!: Adding lots of layers to a rectangular face shape can open you up in the cheekbone area while cutting many off the “four corners” at the same time.
  • Length matters: You never want to wear your hair super-long if you have a rectangular face shape. Excessive length only makes a rectangular face shape look longer.
  • Blowouts: Waves and curls are great for rectangular face shapes because width of the overall silhouette helps. In other words, go for a little more horizontal volume and steer clear of too much height. Major volume going upward also contributes to lengthening your face.
  • Updos: Severe, sleek updos can make your jawline corners look even stronger. If you’re okay with that, then go for it! If you’re trying to soften go with a more romantic wavy chignon. Higher updos will bring out your corners, where lower chingons will draw less attention to them.
  • Bangs: I’m not a huge fan of a square blunt bang with square or rectangular bangs with a square jaw because it tends to make everything very box-y. Instead, try a soft rounded line or a soft/parted “curtain bang (a la Brigitte Bardot!) If you need bang ideas, see here!
  • A-line cut: Just like with a square jaw, the corners of the jawline can be diffused by an a-line haircut. The longer length in front will weigh the hair down and lay closer to your cheeks, minimizing squareness. Then pair it with a long side bang to break up the usual “elongating lines” of a long bob. Try it with a little bend on the ends, too!

Are you working with a rectangular face shape? If so, please share your own tips and tricks for what you think looks best below! xo