photos by Grace Niu and post designed by Eunice Chun

BLACK + GOLD for the win! Congratulations to Grace Niu who is the winner of our most recent “Guest Post” contest. We absolutely loved her holiday eye makeup tutorial. We received so many great tutorials and it was really difficult to pick just one. But we thought Grace’s tutorial was seasonally appropriate and will look great on any eye shape or color. Plus– we’re suckers for sparkle. Here’s how Grace gets this look:

1. Prepare your eye by using an eyeshadow primer or foundation so that your eyeshadow will last longer.

2. Apply a chocolate brown eyeshadow with a flat shadow brush.

3. Next, apply a gold eye shadow towards the inner corner of your eye.

4. Sweep a black eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eye with a blending brush, creating the sideways “V” shape.

5. Blend out any harsh lines created by the black + gold eye shadows.

6. This is the fun part! Pour a very small amount of loose gold glitter onto a smooth surface (an extra plastic lid lying around, a paper plate, etc), and dip a small brush into a clear brow gel, and then pick up some glitter with your brush. begin patting it on top of the gold eyeshadow that you applied earlier, but don’t extend it too much into the original brown eyeshadow. Be very careful not to get it too close to your water line or in your eye.

7. Now you’re going to line your upper lash line with a black gel liner and your lower lash line with a brown pencil. Using both browns + blacks through out this tutorial will keep things looking softer and not too harsh.

8. Dab a smudge brush into the chocolate brown eyeshadow and smudge it using a dabbing motion along your lower lash line, on top of the liner you just applied. This will help set the eyeliner and also help give you the smoky effect.

9. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara (don’t forget to use waterproof if you’ll be dancing up a storm!). If you’d like, you can add false lashes to give your look some extra drama.

XO Grace Niu