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photos + post: kristin ess graphic design: eunice chun

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of workout hair questions. So let’s do a little series of workout hair ideas, shall we? This one is pretty simple but quite effective. If you go to spinning, dancing or kickboxing, there is a ton of motion. With classes like pilates, yoga and barre, you probably do a lot of posing and don’t want to break your concentration to gather all your hair back up into another bun when it falls out. Luckily, this hair will do the trick for both types of workout whether you’re gonna shake, shake, shake or not. Here’s how we did this cute braid bun combo…

  1. Start with your hair in two dutch braids. If you don’t know what a dutch braid is, it’s just like a regular french braid but it’s inside out. In other words, if you’re crossing over when you french braid, then you would cross under when you dutch braid. Tie these two off at the bottom using a small clear elastic.
  2. Cross the braids over each other near back hairline.
  3. Now wrap them around each other all the way down. Tie that off with another clear elastic. You can leave it at this point (because it looks pretty cool already) or you can do step 4.
  4. Use THESE MATTE BOBBYPINS to secure the bun. These come in a half shiny, half matte pin combo packs. (I stumbled on this trick by accident! I had these bobbypins in my office sitting on my desk to be photographed and used the black ones to put my hair up in a bun. The bun literally did not move at all for the whole day and I’ve been using these ever since.)

Hope this is helpful to some of you to keep the hair off your neck/shoulders. Do you like this workout hair series? Do you want to see more? Any specific requests?


photos/post: Kristin Ess

Today I want to share one of my favorite pony tricks with you guys. This is not only great for keeping your hair off your neck but also for making your workout ponytail look fuller and way more stylish. You’re obviously going to be focused more on your workout than your hair but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look great while doing it. If you notice, the photo up top shows a much more pumped up pony. That’s because there are 3 ponytail holders stacked up. You might think that sounds painful but it’s not. Only the first gets pulled tight (which is what you would normally do). Then you use 2 more ponytail holders by stacking them behind that one. The best part about doing this is it keeps your hair off your neck! I don’t know about you but there’s nothing worse than sweaty wet hair laying against your neck. I also feel like it makes your neck look longer and accentuates your jaw line. Try this the next time you go to the gym or train for your marathon. You might find that it helps to keep you feeling and looking cooler!