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photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

For those of you who’ve watched our Cat Eye Video Tutorial and still feel you need more help mastering it, I think you’ll love this winged liquid liner trick for two reasons:

  1. It helps you pinpoint exactly where to make the angle.
  2. It works as a stencil to give you a perfect + steady bottom edge. Kinda genius for a makeup nerd like me!

Here’s all you need to know. (more…)


photos:, tesh, andrew + william ho, rodrigo bueno, post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

Now you can see why brown eyes are my favorite to work on as a makeup artist! Everything looks gorgeous on them! This is because brown is a neutral color and doesn’t compete with other colors the way that blue + green eyes do. Some brown eyes have yellow or gold center highlights, some have shades of hazel while others are so deep dark brown they have a world of mystery behind them! So basically depending on your style and mood that day, you have no limits. (more…)


photos by jewelmint, design by eunice chun, sponsored post by amy nadine

As a makeup artist designing looks for my clients, I always get my inspiration from what they’re going to wear (like we all do!). Sometimes I do the classic pairing (red dress with a red lip) and other times I like to rebel a little against the obvious (red dress with a pink/orange lip). Really it’s all about our moods that day… and the same goes with jewelry. Accessories are the perfect way to further your form of expression and can really make an outfit come alive. And jewelry is another amazing source of inspiration for your makeup and can be tied together the same way you’d match a red shoe with a red bag or clash a lace top with spiked earrings. Here are our latest four obsessions from Kate Bosworth + Cher Coulter’s Jewelmint line and how you can make a statement together with your makeup:

BRIGHT STATEMENT EARRINGS (MATCH IT): This is an occasion where you’ll want to match it with your lip color. It doesn’t have to be the same color, it just also has to be bright. Try these fun Thunderbird Earrings paired with a bright matte hot pink lipstick, then balance the lip with a soft gold shadow.

BOHEMIAN RING (CLASH IT): Yes the colors are bright but the feel is hippie and boho, so don’t match the colors but clash it instead by understating your makeup. Keep everything light + airy by swapping foundation with a tinted moisturizer and add a sweep of bronzer for a “I’ve been hanging at SXSW all day” kind of look, perfect for this Dahlia Blossom Ring.

ART DECO NECKLACE (MATCH IT): Here’s another case where I’d match the retro necklace with retro makeup for a chic + timeless look. So wing that liner and really fill in your brows for a strong look perfect with this Shanghai Eclipse Necklace.

MIXED METALS RINGS (CLASH IT): The obvious choice would be to pull the gold + silver from the Yves Rings and match it with your eyeshadow. But something about that feels a little too contrived… so leave the lids bare and highlight your lashes instead by using a natural-bristled mascara wand for a full and soft look. Then add a peachy glow directly along your cheekbones to keep everything earthy yet ethereal.

Haven’t signed up for Jewelmint yet?! No worries! They’re offering 20% off the first purchase for new members by clicking here! xoxo



post design by amy nadine


It’s official. On behalf of our girl culture, I think it’s safe to declare that we are all obsessed with the cat eye, most likely because of the way it elongates the eye and creates an illusion that they are farther apart.  But did you know that this winged-liner look has three gorgeous step-sisters? It does and I’m happy to walk you through the steps behind each:

  1. WINGED LASHES: This look can be achieved in two ways, with individual lashes or a lash strip in a winged-shape cut into a third. You can find this strip style at a make-up specialty store, while the individual flare lashes can be found at your local drug store (buy “long” length, or “medium” if your own lashes are on the shorter side). Individual lashes (3 or 4 per eye): One at a time, add a pin-head drop of lash glue to the root of each lash, and place them individually next to each other along the outer corner of your lash line, but INSTEAD of placing each facing forward, place them more at an outward-diagonal direction for the winged effect. (Update: Our video tutorial with Lauren on applying individual lashes is almost finished being edited!)  Lash strip: With a ruler or by eyeing it, cut the outer third section of the strip with cuticle scissors then trace along the root of the strip with a thin line of lash glue.  Wait two minutes for the glue to get tacky and pop them directly on top of your lash line in the outer corner. **Tip: when applying mascara (always before applying false lashes), drag the mascara wand (thus dragging the lashes) from root to tip in an outward direction (instead of the typical upward direction) for more of a fluttery effect.
  2. SMOKED WING: This is a softer alternative and can be achieved with any shades (pewter/grey/black/bronze/copper/purple… you name it).  Using the same blending techniques that you use when you create a typical smoky eye, start at the inner corner of your crease and sweep the shadow with a blending brush in a rainbow shape along the crease all the way to the area parallel to the end of your brow.  Then in windshield-wiping motions, brush the shadow back and forth along the crease while moving in a downward direction along your lid until you reach the lash line. Repeating with another dip in the shadow but always beginning along the crease, sweeping back and forth as your move downwards towards your lashline. Tap off any excess product after each dip into the shadow so particles don’t drop onto your cheeks. Then trace the same shade along your lower lash line, out past your lash line to meet the shadow from your upper lid. **Tip: For a precise angle and winged line, you can first apply scotch tape at the angle from your outer lash line to the end of your brow, apply shadow as directed above, then peel off the tape. (Photo tutorial coming soon!)
  3. WINGED LID: You know I always have to throw in one for my makeup extremists out there! This look is best achieved with a long-wear gel liner (they come in small pots and almost every brand carries a version now) and a liner brush, because liquid liner isn’t meant to cover this much surface area and will most likely crack (not pretty). Start with a thin winged line along your lash line as if you were only doing a winged liner (watch Lauren perfect it in our Get Catty video tutorial here).  Then make another line starting in the inner corner of your crease and tracing it along your crease in a rainbow shape, ending parallel to the end of your brow. Go back to the line along your lashes and extend the wing up to not only meet and connect with the crease line, but extend it a little further (this gives the wing a little “dip”). Then simply fill in the lid area in between the two lines. Hello Drama!!

XO Amy Nadine