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Now that you’ve all nailed the cat eye, why not try lining your liner?


  • Your Favorite Colored Liquid Liner: The best ones that I’ve found are Lime Crime Uniliners and MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Liners because they’re incredibly pigmented. The Uniliners have a fine brush while the Aqua Liners have more of a felt tip.


  1. Line the lash line with the liquid liner (start at the inside corner and sweep the brush to the outside corner). Let it dry!
  2. Line directly above it with the other liquid liner color. If you accidentally go over the bottom color, don’t sweat it. Let it dry then go back along the bottom line with the first color.


  1. Start with the pencil and trace it along the lashline. Then trace above it (with the same pencil) so you’ve made it much thicker. Technically, try to make it twice as thick because you’re about to go back and half it.
  2. Now trace the liquid liner along the lashline so it’s half the width of the thick line you just drew with the pencil.


You can do either method above. I prefer to line the bottom color first and then switch colors and draw the top color above it, but you can draw a thick line with the top color then draw a thinner line along the bottom half of it. **Tip: Perfect the line with an angled liner brush to smooth it out before it sets!




This method has been around for centuries! It’s a powerful Ayuveda technique that removes bacteria from your mouth, gums and teeth and whitens your teeth without using bleach. This is what happened to me this month: my sister told me I had to do it every morning because she read it helps with fertility (my hubby and I have been trying for three years, so I pretty much try anything now!). I did it every morning and after just a couple days noticed my teeth looked whiter but didn’t think much of it. Then two weeks later I went to the dentist for my biannual checkup and was ready to get a big lecture. My dentist was half way through the cleaning when he asked “you floss twice a day, right?” I said “I wish, I’ve been really bad about it lately and am lucky if I do it once a week.” He said my gums were so healthy, didn’t bleed at all and there was barely any tartar. He continued with his cleaning then said “you bleach your teeth, right?” To which I also told him no. He said my teeth were so white that when I walked in the room he thought I had gotten veneers! I finally told him I’ve been oil pulling. He had never heard of it but said my mouth, gums and teeth were extremely healthy and he was going to look into it. I was so excited that I actually got a good report card that I’ve been telling all of my friends and now my readers! I’ve since learned it can also clear up acne and your sinuses, prevent gingivitis and promotes heart health! Here’s your Oil Pulling 101: (more…)


Tutorial + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

Looking for something fun and different to try this weekend? Why not add a little highlight to your cat eye by calling upon its twin counterpart! You might remember when I did this look on Lauren Conrad back on the red carpet back in 2011 from our Double Liner Storyanyway, it’s much more wearable than you might think and it shows you’re confidently willing to take chances! Here’s how:  (more…)


Post + Photography by Amy Nadine, Graphic Design by Eunice Chun

It’s nothing new to lighten the inner corner of the eyes. I remember reading Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces in 1995 where he explained how he noticed children’s inner eye corners were so light and bright and how when we get older the area gets darker and darker. So for years we added white shimmer eyeshadow to the area, which more than did the job. Now in 2013, it looks a little distracting and obvious, so we here at TBD recommend retiring the shimmer and switching to a white pencil, blended into the skin to where it’s undetectable. Here’s how: (more…)